“How Bad Is This For Me?”

A question that I get all of the time is “How bad is [blank] for me?”
[Insert: popcorn, granola, bread, cheese, etc.]

I really dislike this question.

While it is great that the asker is taking an interest in their nutrition, this is a really difficult question to answer simply. Truthfully, there is no scale on which I rank food. I don’t categorize foods into “good” groups and “bad” groups. I also don’t consider any foods “off-limits.” It kind of goes back to the philosophy that I talked about in this post that everyone has individual needs as far as food goes. Also, to some extent, I think the asker already knows the answer. We have enough common sense to determine that eating a pint of blueberries is going to be more beneficial than a pint of ice cream.

When I get the question “How bad is this hot dog for me?” I want to retaliate with a million other questions like:

What else did you eat today?
Do you eat that every single day?
What is a normal day like for you?
How often do you workout?

I can explain certain nutrients in the food or talk about the energy density. I can break it down and tell you about the pros and cons of what you’re about to put in your mouth, but ultimately the choice is yours. I can’t tell you if a food is “bad” or not. Some foods are certainly more healthful than others, but it’s not fair to classify a food as “bad” all of the time. By all means, if it is a hot summer day and we are at the world’s best ice cream shop, you sure as hell better get a scoop of that ice cream! Make eating an enjoyable experience with every mouthful that you take. Let’s get that idea out of our heads that foods are “bad” and try to view it for what it really is! It’s the delicious, wonderful thing that nourishes our bodies and allows us to live our lives 🙂

 Do you consider foods “good” or “bad” in your mind?


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