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Last weekend, I took the 10+ hour road trip down to Charleston, South Carolina – one of my all time favorite places. I love road trips and traveling, but I don’t love feeling crappy after my vacation ends. Travel can be filled with over-indulgent meals, gas-station snacks, and very little exercise. This ultimately leaves me feeling bloated and sluggish by the time I return home. Nothing is going to stop me from enjoying my vacation, but I have some tips that I use to stay on track while traveling (accompanied by pictures of the beautiful Charleston). IMG_2943 1. Pack Accordingly – I normally dread packing, but I don’t mind as much when it’s food :). I bring a good amount of snacks for the traveling part, but also for something to eat when I reach my destination too. I get cranky when I’m hungry, so I try to come prepared! You never know when you might hit traffic or have a flight get delayed, so having healthy food on hand is a must. Here is what I packed last weekend:

When I have an abundance of goodies for the road trip, I am less tempted to grab the snacks at gas stations. Also, when I pack ahead, I know that I will have something to eat once I get to where I’m going. IMG_2930 2.  Plan a Little – I say a little because I don’t like to stress too much about scheduling every detail of my vacation. I like to relax, have fun, and do things on impulse too! There is some planning that can be helpful, though. For example, I often look up restaurant menus ahead of time so I have a better idea of my options. If I know that I am going to an Italian place where I’m going to order a giant plate of pasta, I try to incorporate more fruits and veggies earlier in the day since I know I’ll miss out on them at dinner time. I try to be aware of everything that I’m taking in during the day and keep it balanced, while still enjoying myself. IMG_3008 3. Move! – Vacations usually mean taking a break in any normal workout routine. While some trips involve a lot of walking or activity, others are more lounge-by-the-pool style. My advice as far as exercise goes is simply to do something. Whether that is taking a walk after dinner, doing a few laps in the pool, or using the hotel gym, try to move a little everyday. In Charleston, we did a lot of walking downtown, so I wasn’t too concerned about working out. I did manage to fit in one good run, and it felt absolutely wonderful. Another thing to keep in mind is that you always feel good after a work out – really, when is the last time you regretted working out? (Never, right?) So do what you can with  what your vacation permits! IMG_3003 4. Leave Some Wiggle Room – Don’t be too hard on yourself while you’re on vacation. This is supposed to be a time to relax and be happy! Unexpected things are bound to come up and something will go wrong. You might find that you accidentally just devoured a huge piece of homemade chocolate raspberry cake by yourself  (guilty).  But hey, these things happen. Keep a conscious mind and don’t let yourself get too carried away. Most importantly, try to enjoy each and every moment of your vacation. Life is much too short for regrets!

And speaking of Charleston, a very happy 5 year anniversary to this guy 🙂 IMG_8462

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How do you keep your cool while traveling?


2 thoughts on “Travel Tips 

  1. Roberta moody says:

    Loved your article today regarding Charleston, SC. I tried to go down every summer. We also love it there. My twin lives in Mrytle Beach, so it isn’t far. Good tips on travel food. We always have a cooler in the car filled with healthy snacks. Especislly when we traveled with the children, who are now grown.

    We spent many great days in SC.

    Thanks for all your tips.


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