This Week’s Eats

I have seen lots of blogs with “What I Ate Wednesday” and “Friday Favorites” posts. I think this is such a fun idea, so I’ve decided to start a posting about my weekly eats!   I am always taking pictures of my food, so why not share them? Here are some of my favorite meals and snacks from this week…

IMG_3911Monday night’s dinner was fish tacos with coconut lime rice – cooked by my lovely roommate, Elissa. With the warmer weather this week, this was such a perfect summery meal. Elissa prepared these with corn tortillas, tilapia, coleslaw, and an avocado dressing. Yes, they tasted just as good as they look! 🙂

IMG_3914The next day for lunch, I threw together a salad and it realllyyy hit the spot! It was spinach and arugula, freshly squeezed lemon juice, black pepper, leftover tilapia, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. I have been all about arugula lately. I had it on a pizza a couple of weeks ago when I went out to lunch, and since then, I have been hooked! It is especially good with lemon juice and olive oil.

IMG_3915Later that day, I snacked on a plain Greek yogurt, blueberries, honey, and cinnamon. Greek yogurt mixed with fruit always does the trick for my sweet tooth! On a side note, has anyone seen the new Oikos “Triple Zero” Greek yogurt? It is made with zero added sugars, artificial sweetener, or fats. I tried it earlier today and thought it was pretty good! I had the vanilla flavor and I couldn’t tell much of a difference between their normal vanilla flavor.

IMG_3718Here is another lunch from earlier in the week. Arugula and spinach (again) topped with an egg and a side of fresh strawberries. I didn’t have to use any type of dressing on the salad, the egg yolk did enough!

IMG_3922Lastly, this was a Cajun shrimp couscous with asparagus and tomatoes. Check back on monday for the recipe on Beautifully Gray!

So there were some of my favorite eats from this week. Hopefully there will be lots of yummy food in store for this weekend too!


5 thoughts on “This Week’s Eats

  1. Roberta moody says:

    Autumn I just love your blogs. Never stop. Do you also give recipes of your meals.
    I would love to have the one for fish tacos. My favorite.


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