Avoiding Mindless Snacking

For me and many others, snacking can easily get out of control! I think it is a common pattern for us to eat while our minds are distracted or just completely zoned out. In my case, that is usually while studying or watching TV at night. Overall, I believe the key is to be mindful about what we are eating. Let’s take the time to enjoy food and be thoughtful about our choices. Here are a couple of things I do to slow myself down and avoid eating too much:

  1. Plan Ahead. I know that I say this all of the time on Beautifully Gray, but a little planning can go a long way! I try to get an idea of what I am going to eat during the day and figure out when a snack may be necessary. When I do this, I avoid eating everything in my pantry around 3 pm because I am too hungry to think clearly.
  2. Eat at the Table. This is a pretty basic rule for avoiding too much snacking. But it is so effective. For one day, just try plating everything that you eat and then sitting down at the table to eat it (you can also try putting your phone down for a second, too). By doing this, you are forcing yourself to engage in mindful eating. When I sit at the table, I eat slower, taste my food more, and get full faster. It is truly one of the most effective practices you can do!
  3. Designate Meals, Snacks, and Treats. By distinguishing between meal times, snack times, and desserts, I am less likely to grab random snacks throughout the day. This goes back to the idea of planning! It is a mental trick I do to keep my eats in order.
  4. Drink Up. A lot of the time when I want to eat, my body is really just thirsty. Drinking a big glass of water will often suppress any cravings when I’m not really hungry. If plain water doesn’t do it, add in some lemon or berries for more flavor.
  5. Brush your Teeth. This is another very simple trick that does wonders. On nights where I just keep going back to the kitchen and I know I’m not really hungry, this is my best bet! Brushing my teeth pretty much diminishes my urge to keep munching. Plus I know that if I do snack on something after, I will have to brush my teeth again before bed (and that’s a lot of effort).

Try out these ideas next time you somehow find yourself at the bottom of the Cheez-It box (oops). I hope you find them helpful!

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What are your tricks to control snacking?


8 thoughts on “Avoiding Mindless Snacking

  1. StyledWithJoy says:

    These are great ideas! I agree with the water trick. You’re not hungry, you’re probably thirsty. I used to eat when I was bored. And now I know when my body wants to eat and at what times. Kind of like a schedule! Another tip is that if you tend to mindlessly snack and watch tv? Use your non-dominant hand. Since you’re not used to snacking with that hand or doing anything with that hand, you are more likely to eat slower and stop faster bc you’ll get a little tired using it!


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